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Parker Ballpoint Pen Jotter Monochrome Gold pk2122754

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Model number : PK2122754
Brand : Parker
Collection: Jotter
Color: Gold
Type: Ballpoint

Parker Brand:
The Parker brand is one of the prestigious 
stationery and accessories on the market. 
Parker products have enjoyed 
unflagging popularity since 1888. Users appreciate 
them for the comfort of use, elegance, 
timeless style and, above all, reliable quality. 

Jotter Collection:
The Jotter line appeared in the Parker brand 
portfolio in 1954 and immediately became a true 
design icon. For many, Jotter pens are the first 
choice when it comes to choosing everyday stationery.
The stainless steel body, the characteristic click 
and the arrow-shaped clip - these are details that 
have been extremely attractive for almost 70 years 
and continue to captivate consumers. The longevity 
and timelessness of the Jotter line make it a 
sophisticated gift for graduates, first job seekers 
and anyone who appreciates good writing.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm


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