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Screwdriver Bit PH2 Impact Red ZS31

Magnetic tips 
Max Torque & Turning Force

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Magnetic Screwdriver PH2 Philips Bit
Set of 4pcs 
Bits Length:150mm 
Brand/Ref: Impact Red 02605 ZS31
Magnetic tips 
Max Torque & Turning Force 
Precision fir tips prevent stripping & provide
 maximum grip 
Standard DIN 3126 TORSION TECHNOLOGY for high
 torque application 
PRECISION-FIT TIP prevents "Cam-Out” and
HIGH QUALITY STEEL for extra strength 
Bit material: S2 
Combination of screwdriver bits 
Forged tips for maximum grip 
Innovatively designed curvy body shape 
Distinctive patent color ring
 Made with newly designed CNC machinery 
Increased rotation angle 
Prolong torque peak time by 30%

IMPACT RED driver bits are engineered to be
the most durable, best fitting driver bits. 
The optimized geometry is unique for each tip
type to provide up to 10X longer life and
absorbs 3X more torque vs. other impact bits. 
Manufactured with heavy duty, cold-forged, 
high-grade steel, and black oxide finish resists
corrosion and increases the life of the bits.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 1 cm


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