Fan 20V incl. 1Bat & charger Ingco cfali2001

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Voltage: 20V (DC)
Speed Settings: 3
Power: 220‐240V~50/60HZ (AC)
Dimension: 12" (30cm)

Battery 20V Ingco fbli2001
Voltage: 20V 2.0ah
Led battery power indicator
Power Share: One Battery can fit all
Ingco 20V multiple tools
Weight: 370gm

Charger 20V Ingco fcli2001
Voltage: 20V
Charges 20V 2.0ah Battery in 1 hour
Weight: 310gm

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Fan 20V incl. 1Bat & charger Ingco cfali2001+fbli2001+fcli2001


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