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A cost effective vinyl copolymer emulsion paint with good
 hiding power. Mauvinyl is easy to apply and dries to a
 matt finish. 
It is recommended for ceilings and other interior surfaces
 subject to low wear and tear conditions.
Yield Per Litre: 7-9m2

A general purpose matt acrylic emulsion paint with
 excellent hiding power. 
Mauvacryl is a cost effective decorative paint for
 walls and ceilings. 
It is suitable for interior use but can also be applied
 on exterior surfaces in dry regions.
Yield Per Litre: 9-12m2

Mauvilac VIP Satin:
A premium pure acrylic emulsion paint that is easy to use
 and to clean while providing an attractive smooth and fully
 washable finish. 
The outstanding washability and scrubbability properties of
 VIP Satin make it the ideal choice for interiors. 
With a gloss level of 50%, VIP Satin can be used to brighten
 up dark rooms especially when colours with high reflectance
 values are selected.
Yield Per Litre: 6-8m2

An acrylic copolymer emulsion paint with an attractive smooth,
 low sheen finish. 
It is a decorative and protective coating, primarily selected
 for its exceptional performance, long life and long term
 economical advantage and is highly washable.
Yield Per Litre: 6-8m2

Mauvilac AntiFungus:
A high quality acrylic co-polymer emulsion paint formulated
 with a high dosage blend of fungicides and bactericides for
 maximum resistance to fungus. Its matt, anti fungus finish is
 also recommended for bathrooms. Recommended for exterior
 surfaces, Mauvilac Antifungus is highly effective in humid
Thanks to its UV- resistant pigments, vivid natural
 colours last longer.
Yield Per Litre: 9-11m2

A high quality acrylic emulsion which dries to a smooth matt
 finish that is fully washable and highly scrubbable. 
Mauvitop is ideal for decorating and protecting homes, offices,
 shops and factories. Mauvitop is economical to use due
 to its high hiding power and is suitable for interior. 
On exterior surfaces, it has proved to be effective against
 fungus and algal growth and to resist UV in hot and dry regions.
Yield Per Litre: 10-12m2

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