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Sonic Screen Laser TV 88″ Hisense HE88L5VG

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Laser TV 4K
Screen: 1972W x 1119H (mm)
Console: 547W x 158H X 346D (mm)
Every Pixel Flows with Sound: 
DOLBY ATMOS® transports you from the ordinary into the extraordinary with
 breathtaking, moving audio that fills your room and flows around you.
Built-in-Scree Sound: 
Uses an 88-inch cellular bionic sound panel as the speaker,
 with more than 100,000 audio units built into screen. 
The TV integrates sound and picture, providing an incredibly immersive
 audio- visual experience.
Exceptional Sound in Every Direction:
The 88-inch large “surface” screen provides 360° surround sound with 90db
 peak loudness, making every seat a sweet spot.
True-to-Life Sound Crystal Clear:
Micro-level amplitude ensures fast response time and high-speed
 sound conversion enables an extremely low distortion ratio, providing
 up to 97% high fidelity ratio, which creates true-to-life and high
 clarity sounds from all directions.
Feel Empowered by the Bass:
The Laser TV’s sonic screen has a 50Hz minimum frequency. Delivering
 a surging and powerful bass that pounds the air around you.
Pure Color:
Hisense Laser TV’s enhanced colour spectrum displays true-to life images. The
 precision of its laser light source exceeds the Rec. 709 standard
 UHD 4k colour range. Get ready to be awestruck by the images
 on your Laser TV
Smooth Motion: 
With MEMC technology and microsecond- level processor response time, the
 motion rate is 10 times faster than OLED. Fast-moving Images remain smooth
 and clear, making the Hisense Laser TV Ideal for watching sports, fast- action
 movies, gaming, and uninterrupted viewing.
Low blue light emission:
Laser TV uses passive luminescence through reflection imaging. The
 images you see on your Laser TV screen are reflected instead of being
 directly viewed by your eyes. Low blue light emission also reduces eyestrain
 even while watching for long periods of time.
Ultra short throw technology:
Ultra-short throw Laser TV only, requires 20.8 cm (8.19”) distance from
 the wall, easy to install and fits anywhere.
Resolution: 4K 3840 X 2160
Screen Size: 88" dia., 111.9cm H, 197.2cm B
Light Source Duration: 25,000 hrs
Color: 1.07 billion
 VGA X1, RJ-45 X 1
Bluetooth | WiFi | LAN
Information Source: https://global.hisense.com/

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