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Enviro Battery Kit ZS185

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Learn the Science behind the Power!
The Enviro Battery kit teaches children that
surprising sources of energy can be found in
a wide variety of natural sources.
Light up an LED bulb or sound a buzzer using
 natural energy sources like a potato, salt water
 - even mud
Enviro Battery uses natural materials like mud, 
 lemon and water to power a light bulb
This is an environmentally friendly kit that includes
 detailed instructions so you can create many unusual
 batteries with fruit juices, vegetables, coins, and more!
The kit includes:
4 zinc plates (silvery grey),
4 copper plates (brownish),
4 connection wires,
2 plastic & 1 paper cups
2 Specifically designed bottle screw caps
1 light tower with LED lamp
1 sound chip
1 LCD watch moment with protective cover
1 set transparent adhesive tapes
1 set of guide, experiment record sheet & fun facts
Some more items from home may be required to
 complete the experiment (not included)
Brand: Cute Sunlight no 241

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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