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Refrigerator 176L Hisense H230RRE-WD

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A+ energy class: 
The A+ energy class rating saves 22% more than the A class rating,
 i.e more kinder to the environment, & saves more energy & money
Fresh-Zone Storage Area: 
Enough space to store bulkier items. The transparent design allows 
easy contents visibility
Big Door Balcony: 
Plenty of space to store large bottled beverages and other items
Type: Bar Fridge
Color Finish: Red
Dimensions (W×D×H): 519*536.5*1280mm
Capacity - Refrigerator: 155L
Capacity - Freezer: 21L
Energy consumption (EN153) per 24 h: 0.44 kWh
Temp Control/Display: Mechanical
Door Storage Rack: 3 transparent
Water Dispenser
Shelves: 2
Crisper: 1

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Weight 40 kg


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