Fry Pan 22cm Hawkins Futura NF22G

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Made from Heavy Gauge (3.25mm Thick) Pure, Virgin Aluminium
Protective hard anodizing will not pit, tarnish or corrode – stays
looking new for years
Works efficiently on low & medium heat
Diffuses Heat Fast
See-through lid more convenient for cooking and serving
Stay-Cool Handle comfortable to hold
Futura non-stick coating applied on hard anodized surface lasts longer
Metal ladles can be used
Well-balanced pan and handle, easy to cook with
Apart from the frying pan with rounded sides and extra height, 
this range also has the Futura Nonstick All-Purpose Pans which are 
deeper and can be used for sautéing, stir-frying and deep-frying in 
addition to their use as a frying pan. 
The All-Purpose Pan comes with a single long handle and, 
in a larger capacity, with two short handles. 
Both All-Purpose Pans have snug-fit dome-shaped lids which are suitable 
for simmering; and the All-Purpose Pan with two short handles makes an 
elegant serving bowl as well.
Diameter (cm): 22
Thickness (mm): 3.25
Lid Glass
Carton dimensions (WxDxH): 389 x 242 x 99 mm
Product weight in carton: 1.43 kg


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