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Holesaw beton 50-100mm Tolsen 75890-75896

499.001,000.00 incl. VAT

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Heavy duty Blades 
1pc SDS plus adaptor:110mm 
1pc Pilot drill bit: 8x120mm 
1pc bolt: M6x14mm 
Thread size: M22 

Ref 75890: 50mm (2") * 6T
Ref 75891: 65mm(2-9/16″)* 8T
Ref 75894: 80mm(3-1/8″) * 10T
Ref 75896: 100mm (4") * 12T

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50mm (ref: 75890), 65mm (ref: 75891), 80mm (ref: 75894), 100mm (ref: 75896)


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