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Apply for Hire Purchase through CIM or Rogers Capital at checkout! Note: Hire Purchase is not available if your basket contains products on promo

Free Delivery/Postage Service available for all products marked “FREE Delivery” or FREE postage. Also all small items are posted Free of charge.  All free deliveries/postages are done within one month anywhere in Mauritius. Free Delivery/Postage service is not applicable (i) for products above 10Kgs, (ii) for products above 1.5M length (e.g curtain rods & Ladders), & (iii) for oversized products (extremely heavy/ huge e.g. concrete mixer, table saw etc.) . Free Delivery of water tank: Water Tanks are delivered free of charge & are delivered at ground level only. Delivery Service to Rodrigues is done through Mauritius Post. It usually takes 3 weeks but conditional on cargo ship departure date

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